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Subtitles Time Doctor is HERE!! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 04 February 2011 10:45
Well... it finally happened. *I* wrote a tool I want to share with the world :-) The tool is called Subtitles Time Doctor. It helps synch subtitles (srt or sub files) with your avi/mp4 etc. The tool is COMPLETELY FREE, no eula's and other crap. If you like the tool, donate what you can to a children charity of your choosing. I'd appreciate if you'd send me an email when you do it.


Often you will find that subtitles either lag or are ahead of the movie. Some players will let you adjust the timing of the subtitles but most of them don't always work.

Just what the Doctor ordered

With Subtitles Time Doctor you can move the time, back or forth, as much as you want. It works beautifully with srt files; for sub files you must know exact fps.
Additionally, Subtitles Time Doctor lets you make a quick character replacement. This is very useful when the player can't display language-specific characters (french accents, slavish characters etc).

How does it work?

The Subtitles Time Doctor reads srt and sub files and adjusts the time intervals by moving it back or forth by given number of seconds.
NB: when working with sub files, you must also provide exact fps. That's (duh!) because 10 seconds in 16fps movie (duh!) moves by 160 frames, and 30fps... see where this is going!


SRT filesSUB files need FPS
Last Updated on Friday, 04 February 2011 11:32

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